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Welcome to Spark Power; we are no longer working on new projects.



We pride ourselves on our reliable high voltage products which are in use worldwide.

The company was started in 2001 (as Spark Electronics) to provide a source for High Voltage Power Supply development units. We concentrated on low volume high technology products and had the expertise to design the whole system including mechanical and electronic assemblies.

At our factory in Selsey we are no longer working on new projects, we are only supporting existing customers.



Our High Voltage Systems use switch mode power supply technology.

High switching frequencies give the benefit of small size and low energy storage.
We are proud of our innovative floating filament and grid supplies used in electron beam equipment.

3kW Tank

Most of our work has been to customer specifications.


3kW 70kV Complete System for Electron Beam Melting

Electron Beam Melting

We created an oil based system avoiding the problems associated with epoxy and rubber insulated designs.
The oil provides:
insulation and excellent cooling for the power components.
ease of maintenance and the ability to upgrade.

We have delivered over 400 of our 3kW units, many of which are in use 24 hours a day producing medical components. Some are now also used in the manufacture of aircraft parts.

EBM 3kW Lid





100W 84kV X-ray drivers    
100w X-Ray X-Ray Power Supplies

This modular power supply has positive and negative polarity outputs and a floating filament supply. The High Voltage outputs can be wired directly to the X-ray tube. The input Voltage is 24V D.C. and driver assembly is air cooled. We have already delivered over 100 of these units.

















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